Jumping for Joy at Mombo

Mombo Camp in Botswana already has a sterling reputation for wildlife, but now it can add “discovery of a new species” to the list of reasons why it is known as the “place of plenty”. Researchers at Wilderness Mombo Camp have identified a new species of bullfrog, which has been named Beytell’s bullfrog (Pyxicephalus beytelli), marking the most significant frog discovery globally in over a century.

This research began in 2010 when a student, Marleen Le Roux (now Byron), noticed a unique bullfrog. Through extensive molecular analyses and field research, she confirmed that the frog was a new species. This species’ name honors the late Ben Beytell, a renowned Namibian conservationist who played a crucial role in the development of Khaudum National Park.

The discovery involved collaboration between local scientists, international researchers, and dedicated conservationists. This teamwork underscores the importance of global partnerships in advancing our understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem health. The preservation of the OkavangoDelta – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – ensures that both well-known and newly discovered species can thrive.

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