Fall in love with Africa

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, Africa is the perfect choice for a romantic holiday. Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, vow renewals, or simply enjoying quality time together, the possibilities are endless. From thrilling game drives through wilderness areas and evenings under a canopy of stars, to island retreats on sandy white beaches, tropical waters and lazy days on the shores of the Indian Ocean – there is something for everyone. Below are some of our favorite ideas and unique ways to customize your itinerary, making it an unforgettable experience for you and your loved one.

Smaller camps in remote wilderness areas offer the chance to escape in romantic solitude. Away from crowds and with fewer guests in camp, you can expect personalized service and high attention to detail. A private game viewing vehicle with your own dedicated guide will allow you to explore at your own pace. It is a little luxury that gives you maximum special time together as you discover Africa’s hidden gems and secret spaces. Most camps have a honeymoon suite that is more secluded, slightly larger, and often has added features such as a private deck or plunge pool. All you need to do is just show up and we’ll take care of the rest!

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Imagine floating up into the sky and drifting over the plains, waterways, or desert as the sun rises, viewing wildlife and spectacular scenery from high above. Afterwards, you’ll be treated to a champagne breakfast in the bush – the perfect way to start the day!

Private Dining
Whether it’s beside a fire in a riverbed, in a boma decorated with lanterns, perched on a rocky outcrop, or floating on the water, nothing is quite as romantic as a private dining experience in the bush. The excellent food and wine served by the camps make these special meals even more memorable.

Star Beds & Sleepouts
If you are an adventurous couple and want to take your safari to the next level, why not spend the night under the immense star-filled African skies? With lodges now offering sleep-outs featuring four-poster beds, mosquito nets, bathroom facilities, and complete privacy, you can experience a night under the stars without sacrificing any of your favorite luxuries. A guide will always be parked nearby to ensure your safety.

Health & Wellness
With all of the demands of our busy lives, many of us find that the greatest luxury of all is taking time to slow down, unplug, and unwind. In the quiet setting of the African wilderness, there are many opportunities to nourish and restore through a holistic approach to wellness. Indulge in a spa treatment, go on a bike ride or nature walk, run with a Maasai warrior, take an outdoor yoga class, focus on fresh, local meals, or simply relax by the pool.

Island Paradise
Scattered throughout the Indian Ocean are some of the world’s most beautiful islands, well-known for white powdery sand beaches, clear turquoise water, stunning landscapes, and plenty of unique activities. Snorkel, scuba dive, sail on a traditional dhow, or relax on the beach with a private dinner. Following an East African safari, Zanzibar or the Seychelles are easy add-ons, while Mozambique’s archipelago can be easily accessed from southern Africa.

Traditional Ceremonies
For couples wanting to renew their vows, celebrate a milestone anniversary, or even have a destination wedding, a traditional ceremony or blessing is an unforgettable experience. With wild animals roaming the landscape, and the beauty of nature all around, celebrating your love in Africa is as unique as it comes.

Over the years, we have planned countless honeymoons, vow renewals, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and other events that are cause for celebration. We love curating itineraries that include special touches to help make your trip memorable, so let us know if this is something we can do for you!

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