South Africa

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Just Some of our Beautiful Destinations in South Africa

Enjoy browsing through these delightful destinations or simply give us a call and we can help you choose or help put together a selection that we think you will enjoy ….

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With an abundance of wildlife, stunning landscapes, and diverse cultures, it is no surprise that South Africa is one of the continent’s most popular destinations! The coastline rewards travelers with spectacular scenery and amazing marine life, and is bordered by two oceans. The interiors provide superior wildlife viewing opportunities, and are strengthened and protected by internationally renowned conservation practices. Award-winning wine regions and bustling, cosmopolitan cities are balanced by the ancient wonders of the country’s World Heritage Sites and unparalleled wildlife experiences. Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, or luxury – or a little bit of everything, we will help you create a custom journey that is uniquely your own. Our African travel experts are familiar with the various regions of South Africa and all it has to offer, and we work closely with a wide range of partners to bring you the experience of a lifetime. From Table Mountain to God’s Window, the mountains, forests, coasts and deserts will feast your eye and lift your spirit. Below is just a sampling of what you will find in South Africa – a world of its own, all in one country!

Cape Town

“The fairest Cape in all the world” where one can embark on a shark safari at sunrise, hike Table Mountain in the afternoon and enjoy an excellent seafood dinner at one of the world’s most exciting waterfronts. See our Cape Town Activities Guide for inspiration!

Cape Winelands

Located amidst spectacular vineyard valleys and mountain slopes just an hour or two from Cape Town, the Cape Winelands hosts historic estates and innovative wineries,  many of which are international award-winners of oenological acclaim.

Garden Route

One of the loveliest coastal strips –of beaches and bays, cliffs, mountains and forests, with wonderful whale watching.

Route 62

Lose yourself for a day, a week or more on a sybarite’s journey of discovery that includes wine tasting, dining, country shopping, homely hospitality and a host of unforgettable characters.

Kruger National Park

This world-renowned park of nearly 2 million hectares features 16 ecosystems, numerous camps and lodges, driving and walking safaris, unrivaled big cat encounters, and a huge diversity in African wildlife.


KwaZulu-Natal holds many wonders, including the Zululand Battlefields, the Drakensberg Mountain range with its tens of thousands of San (Bushmen) rock paintings, and rich arts, crafts, and cultures of the region. 


Located in the northwest, Madikwe is South Africa’s fourth-largest game reserve, which gives you– malaria free wildlife viewing and is home to packs of endangered wild dogs.

Kimberley’s “Big Hole”

This wonder is rich with a diamond mining history that brought fortune seekers to the southern tip of Africa.


This region will entice you with outdoor adventure activities, water sports, and fishing; a variety of nature reserves, spellbinding floral displays, and trails through landscapes resembling the face of the moon.

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